Here are some common issues that you might encounter and how to fix them.

The connection window is hidden

Issue: A new window is opened and you can see it in Mission Control, but it doesn't show up.

What to do: Open Terminal and run the command below to remove the config file (No data loss so don't worry):

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.tinyapp.TablePlus.plist

Can't connect over SSH

Issue: The connection setup is correct but you can't connect via SSH Tunnelling.

What to do: This is a very unexpected issue. If you encounter this, enable the SSH debug log (navigate to the menu Help > Enable SSH Debug Log) then send the log to It will help us troubleshoot faster.

The package is damaged

Issue: You install the app on macOS and see the error message: "The package is damaged".

What to do: It's probably because your macOS version is not supported. TablePlus supports macOS 10.11 and newer. Update your macOS then.

Error displaying table data

Issue: When opening a table data, some characters can't be shown correctly.

What to do: Change to use proper Encoding, navigate to the menu Connection > View Using Encoding > Then choose the encoding suitable for the table.

The query results section is hidden

Issue: The table of query results is hidden. Even after you execute the query, you still can't find it.

What to do: Drag the bottom border of the query editor up.

Can't import CSV

Issue: When importing data from a CSV file, there are some errors that make it unable to finish.

What to do: There are generally two reasons for that:

  • The wrong encoding was used. Then change encoding and try again.

  • Mismatch datatype. It's important to do some basic data checking before importing and make sure the datatypes are matched correctly

To make it easier, when you import, you can match all fields as text fields and that works for 99% of the time. You can have the option to create a table with all text columns.

Invalid License

Issue: You have a valid license key but when trying to activate it, it says The license key is invalid.

What to do: Many users got this error because of pasting multiple times. Make sure you copy the exact license key and paste it one time in the field to activate it.

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