Metrics board

Build a simple metrics report in less than 5 minutes.

0. Open the Metrics Board

Click the Metrics Board button on the toolbar to open the Metrics Board.

Metrics board settings:

1. Create a simple bar/line chart

You can add a bar chart or a line chart by click the + button on the toolbar or using your right mouse click.

  • Click the object to show the settings.

  • Enter the SQL Query, Ex: SELECT 2 as a;

  • Config the refresh rate: - After xx seconds: The chart will be reloaded after xx seconds. - Refresh on event: The chart will be reloaded on an event (which is sent from an input field). - Do not refresh: The chart will not be reloaded, you can reload it manually by click the refresh button at the bottom left.

2. Create a data table view

The data view config is similar to charts

3. Create an input field

Before creating an input field, you must create a chart or a table data view, which has query parameters and the refresh rate: Refresh on Event.

Create an input field

  • You must config the name of the variable.

  • You must create a connection to the object.

  • The object must have the refresh rate: Refresh on Event.

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