Purchase a license

TablePlus is free to download and use for as long as you need it to, but there are some usage limitations to it: you can have a maximum of 2 active tabs, 2 active windows, and 2 advanced filters at a time.

To remove the limitations, you might have to purchase a license. This is a perpetual (lifetime) license that includes one year’s worth of updates. After one year from the date of purchase, you can either renew the license to keep updating the app to the latest version, or you can use the old build (the build before the license expires) without any limitation forever.

After you purchase a license you will receive your license key via email.

Activate license

To activate the license, launch the TablePlus app, and navigate to menu TablePlus > Register license… (or you can click on Register on welcome screen), copy-and-paste in the license key from your email.

If you lost your key please visit license manager to recover it: License manager

Using multiple devices

When you purchase a TablePlus single-seat license, your license entitles you to use TablePlus on one computer only. If you have multiple devices, or people using TablePlus, you can either purchase a volume license at a discount or add more seats to an existing license.

Moving to a new device

If you have formatted your device or you want to use TablePlus licenses on a new device, you’ll need to unlink your old device using License Manager.

After removing the old device, you can use the license key to activate the new device.

Lost license key

If you couldn't find your license key, request access to the license manager using the email used for the license purchase and you will find all your license information in the license manager.

License manager:

If you also forgot the email address, please send an email to with as much information about the license/purchase as you can.

Transfer license

If you want to transfer the ownership of the license to another email address. You can use the license manager: If you lost access to the license email, please send a request to with all the license details. We will update it manually for you.


We are currently using the payment services from and they handle all payment-related matters including invoices and tax. After you finish placing an order, you will receive two separate emails at the registered email address:

  • One email from TablePlus ( with the license key.

  • One email from Paddle (* with the invoice.

In the email from Paddle, you will be provided a link to your online invoice, where you can edit and add your information as well as company tax information.

Taxes will be charged based on your location. To learn more, please visit:

Here is a sample of the invoice:

For resellers

For software resellers, please refer to these FAQs.

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