Left sidebar

Quick Navigation

There's a quick navigation bar on top of the left sidebar which enable you to:

  • Open the list of saved connections and make a switch

  • Open the list of databases in the current connection and make a switch

  • Open a new Query Editor



Shortcut Keys

Show Connections

⌘ + ⇧ + K

Show Databases

⌘ + K

Open Query Editor

⌘ + Return

Left sidebar give you quick access to the list of database objects: tables, views, functions, procedures; queries favourite and history.

The search box enables you to search for any items listed on the left sidebar using fuzzy matching.

Find the sidebar setting from the dropdown menu at the bottom so you can choose:

  • Show/hide recent section. The recent section on the left sidebar shows the last 5 opened items from the current database.

  • Show/hide function section. This function section shows the functions and procedures of the current database.

  • Show/hide system schemas: This allows you to select system schemas from the schema list at the bottom of the left sidebar. For example, you can find information_schema, pg_catalog, pg_toast.

When you have multiple databases at the same time, TablePlus will show another left sidebar with the database icon so you can quickly switch between different databases.

Show DB name & connection name

When you open multiple databases from different connections, for better differentiate them, you can find the config button at the bottom left corner and choose to:

  • Show/hide database name

  • Show/hide connection name

Pin to top

From the list of database objects on the left sidebar, you can choose to pin some items so they always be shown on the top of the list.

  • To pin, right click on the table/view/function name and choose Pin to top.

  • To unpin, right click on the pinned item and choose Unpin from top.

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