Insert row

To insert a new row:

  • Open the table data view

  • Click on the + Row button at the bottom or double click on the blank row, or use the shortcut key ⌘ + I when selecting a row.

  • Enter the row values

  • After you finish, press ⌘ + S to commit changes to the server.

Duplicate row

To duplicate rows:

  • Open the table data view.

  • Select the rows and right click to choose Duplicate, or use shortcut keys ⌘ + D . You can also use copy/paste (⌘ + C then ⌘ + V)

  • After you finish, press ⌘ + S to commit changes to the server.

Edit row

To edit a data cell, you can double click on it and edit inline, then press ⌘ + S to commit changes to the server.

Or you can turn on the right sidebar to edit by pressing the Space key. This will be helpful when you do bulk edits or when you have many columns.

Sort by row

With the table, you can perform a quick sort by clicking on the column title. TablePlus will sort by the values of that column:

  • One click to sort by descending

  • One more click to sort by ascending

  • One more click to cancel sorting.

Quick look

This is helpful when you need to view a data cell with special type such as JSON in a pretty format, or a BLOB column type, TablePlus will display the data in a bigger popup.

To use Quick look, right click on the data cell and choose Quick look, or select the data cell and click the middle mouse.

Delete row

Select the row and press Delete key, or right click and choose Delete.

Copy Data

Right click on a data cell and you can be able to:

  • Copy Row

  • Copy Cell Value

  • Copy All Column Value

  • Copy Rows as:

    • Plain text

    • JSON

    • HTML

    • Markdown table

    • CSV

    • CSV with header

    • SQL Insert statment

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