TablePlus is a modern, native tool with elegant UI that allows you to simultaneously manage multiple databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and more.

Supported databases

Currently you can use TablePlus to work with:

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • SQLite

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Oracle (Only macOS)

  • CockroachDB

  • Snowflake (macOS and Windows)

  • Cassandra

  • Redis

  • Vertica

  • MongoDB (Beta)

  • And any databases that use the same protocol with the databases listed above such as Percona, Yugabyte DB, etc.

Download & Install

For macOS

If you install the app and see the error message: "The package is damaged", it's probably your macOs version is not supported. TablePlus supports macOS 10.11 and newer.

For Windows

The TablePlus installer also includes a compatible version of .NET. It will do a quick check and install .NET if it's not already installed on your Windows machine.

For Linux:

For iOS

Download the old builds

You can find the link to download the old builds in the change log:

Data Collection

TablePlus never sends or stores any of your data to our server. All database credentials are safely kept in the user’s device hard storage.

TablePlus does store customer’s email address on our server in the US for license manager only. The device identification is one-way hash and it does not contain any private information about user’s device, just a hash.

TablePlus use AppCenter, a product from Microsoft for the crash report. Current data retention period is 90 days. However, you can turn it off from the app’s preference.

For more information, refer to:

TablePlus Beta (macOS Only)

TablePlus updates are released frequently and, as part of the testing process for new releases, there are beta versions of the app available at a more frequent release rate. If you want to try out the latest features and improvements before they’re officially released, you can opt in

  • Open the app's preferences setting (⌘ + ,) find the General tab.

  • Tick on Receive Beta Updates in the Application Section.

If you find any regressions in the beta, we’d love it if you could submit a detailed bug report. To report bugs or send feedback, please fire a new issue here:

MacOS: https://github.com/TablePlus/TablePlus/issues

Windows: https://github.com/TablePlus/TablePlus-Windows/issues

Linux: https://github.com/TablePlus/TablePlus-Linux/issues

iOS: https://github.com/TablePlus/TablePlus-iOS/issues

Remember, as with any other pre-release beta, use it at your own risk!

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