Query Parameters

TablePlus supports adding query parameters. 1. In Comment

You can use the comments to tell TablePlus to draw a chart, for example: -- TablePlus BarChart x: a, y: b SELECT 1 as a, 2 as b;

This query will draw a chart base on the comment instructions. You don't need to enable it, this feature is always on by default. 2. In Queries

By default, TablePlus disables this feature. You can change the query parameter options by clicking on the config/setting button at the bottom left of the editor and choose Query params options:

  • Select/unselect Enable query params to enable/disable query parameters.

  • Change query param Regex between 4 variables:

    • :[\w.]

    • %[\w.]+%

    • \?

    • \$\{[\w.]+\}

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