Query Reformat
In TablePlus, you can reformat the query to make it more readable using either the built-in Beautify feature, or install the SQL Formatter Plugin.


You can reformat the queries in SQL query editor:
    Select the queries in the Query Editor.
    Click Beautify or use shortcut key ⌘ + I to beautify the queries.
    Click the dropdown next to Beautify button and choose Uglify, or use shortcut key ⌘ + ⇧ + I to uglify the queries.

SQL Formatter Plugin

This plugin helps reformat the SQL statements.
To install it:
    Navigate to menu Plugin > Manage Plugins..., or press ⌘ + L
    Select SQL Formatter Plugin and install
To use it:
    Select the SQL statements
    Navigate to menu Plugin > SQL Format, or press ⌃ + I
Last modified 2yr ago