Editor Basics

Open SQL Query Editor

To open the query editor, click on the query editor button on top of the left panel, or use the shortcut key ⌘ + Return, or ⌘ + E.

Execute queries

To execute a query from the Query Editor, select the query and click on the Run Current button, or use shortcut key ⌘ + Return.
TablePlus also supports writing and executing multiple queries, you’ll need to separate them with a semicolon.
To execute multiple queries, select them in the Query Editor and click on the dropdown next to Run Current button, choose Run All, or use the shortcut key ⌘ + ⇧ + Return.
You can change the default Execute button from Run Current to Run All from the same dropdown.

Cancel Queries

When executing a long running queries and you need to stop it midway through, you can do it via the process list:
  • Click Cancel button on the Query Editor
  • Or navigate to menu Connection > Process List...
  • Or use the shortcut keys ⌘ + .
From the Process List, you can see all the running queries, select the query and click Kill to cancel it.

Export queries

To export a queries from the Query Editor, click on the dropdown menu next the the Run button and choose Save SQL as...